Subject: Centipede?
Location: Beaufort, SC
June 7, 2017 11:52 am
Saw these mating….what ever they are…. along the inlet area of Beaufort, S.C.
I have looked in all my bug books and I can’t find anything like them. Can you tell me what they are?
Signature: Janet Fox

Mating Warf Roaches

Dear Janet,
Your image is awesome.  Though they are sometimes called Warf Roaches, these are actually Marine Isopods, a type of Crustacean related to the terrestrial Wood Louse.  We are confident that we have correctly identified your mating Warf Roaches as
Ligia exotica thanks to BugGuide where the range is listed as:  “Atlantic coast NJ south to Florida.”

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Location: Beaufort, South Carolina

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