Subject: Square egg sacks
Location: Chico, Ca 95973
June 3, 2017 10:15 am
My buddy and I have been remodeling my mobile home and after opening up the ceiling we found small square egg sacks .when he reached his arm up in side to move something he has hundreds of bites on his arms they seem to burrow into the skin we are not sure what they are we can’t even identify them because they are so small . We have used standard house spray to no avail. Any ideas
Signature: Tony

Mysterious Rash

Dear Tony,
We do not have the necessary medical or entomological qualifications to provide a diagnosis based on this image, but that does look like a nasty rash that might need medical attention.  If this was connected to bites, we would suspect some type of mite, perhaps a species associated with rodents or birds.

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Location: Chico, California

3 Responses to Mysterious Rash

  1. Kathleen Kaytor says:

    Scabies. Go get some Nix cream, apply all over twice a day. Follow instructions. Launder everything in hot water. They burrow under the skin. Very very very tiny bugs.

  2. Cee stre says:

    Sounds crazy but grate a potato onto a tea towel then squeeze the juice over the rash u could even saturate the towel and wrap area with the wet towel leave on for 15-20 minutes. The potato will draw toxins out and smooth inflamed skin. Use coconut oil as a skin moisturizer once this is better, bc it is repulsive to most biting bugs and good for your skin! Hope this helps . I’m so sorry for your torturing experience.

    • bugman says:

      Daniel just used a dish towel to absorb the water from grated potatoes prior to frying them and the potatoes left a nasty stain on the towel. Thanks for the tip.

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