Subject: Cicadas
Location: Columbus, OH
May 26, 2017 12:23 pm
So the cicadas have arrived, guess that means its officially summer. I’m including a pic of an adult and the shell of a nymph (?) it came from (maybe, I think, Lol). Don’t know which kind of cicadas this is (how many years it spent under ground), but its out in Columbus, OH now.
Signature: Amber

Periodical Cicada: Brood X Straggler

Dear Amber,
This is a Periodical Cicada, and in your area, Periodical Cicadas normally remain underground for 17 years, leading to the common name 17 Year Locust, though Cicadas and Locusts are not related.  2017 is the year Brood VI Periodical Cicadas are due to emerge in Georgia and the Carolinas according to Cicada Mania.  For some reason, this year is also producing Brood X Stragglers and according to Cicada Mania:  “Brood X stragglers have emerged in Tennessee (around Knoxville), Washington D.C., Virginia (counties around D.C.), Maryland (counties around D.C.), Ohio (around Cincinnati), Delaware, Indiana, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, & New Jersey (around Princeton)! They are chorusing in many locations.”  Cicada Mania also includes this fascinating information:  “Note: because of the significant number of cicadas emerging ahead of time, this might be an acceleration event. Periodical cicada accelerations occur when a significant group of an established brood emerge in years ahead of the main brood, and sometimes the accelerated group are able to reproduce and create what is essentially a new brood. Brood VI was likely part of Brood X at one point of time1. We’ll have to see if the Brood X stragglers are able to survive predation, and reproduce in significant numbers to sustain future populations. They are certainly trying.”  The exuvia or cast off exoskeleton of the nymph is a nice addition to your submission.

Exuvia of a Periodical Cicada

Location: Columbus, Ohio

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