Subject: A spider look like pufferfish
Location: Australia 4405
May 23, 2017 4:30 pm
What spider is this, it look like pufferfish, I found that in Australia, I did ask people around, they never saw that before.
Signature: Sam

Jewel Spider from Australia

Dear Sam,
This stunning Spider is known as a Jewel Spider according to the Brisbane Insect site that states:  “Jewel Spiders are also known as Six Spined Spider, Christmas spiders and Spiny Spiders. They can be found in summer, around Christmas time in Brisbane. Their abdomen has bright yellow and white patterns on black back ground. There are six spines on their back.”  According to Atlas of Living Australia, it is widely distributed around Australia and its scientific name is
Austracantha minax.  According to  “This species occurs throughout most of Australia in shrubby woodlands. It is Recorded from all states and territories, in coastal an inland areass. It builds a circular web between shrubs, sometimes this is reduced to a few supporting strands. Black spines around the abdomen and distinctive yellow, white and black markings make this spider easy to identify. Bite mildly painful, temporary local reaction. ♀ 8mm ♂ 5mm.”

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Location: Australia

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