Subject: Beetle Mania?
Location: Ventura
May 10, 2017 3:17 pm
Dearest Bugman,
This adorable green and red creature joined me in my bathroom this morning whilst I was applying makeup in my vintage Japanese silk kimono. He appeared friendly and narcissistic since he insisted on posing direction on the mirror so as to provide full frontal as well as posterior views. Is this some kind of beetle?
Signature: Melanie on the Irish Chain

Red Shouldered Stink Bug

Dearest Melanie on the Irish Chain,
It appears, compared to this BugGuide image, that your Stink Bug is
Thyanta pallidovirens.  According to the Encyclopedia of Life, it is called a Red Shouldered Stink Bug.  Your wonderful image represents a new species to our site.

Location: Ventura, California

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