Subject: Spider in Costa Rica
Location: Pozos de Santa Ana, Costa Rica
May 4, 2017 7:02 pm
This spider is about the size of my thumb, and wandering about in our garage like it does not have a care in the world, or it just had its third martini. We have tarantulas, but I have not seen one (yet) with a white strip on its abdomen.
Signature: Family Pura Vida

Trapdoor Spider

Dear Family Pura Vida,
This is definitely a member of the infraorder Mygalomorphae, the group that contains primitive spiders including Tarantulas and Trapdoor Spiders.  It seems small for a Tarantula, so we are guessing this is a male Trapdoor Spider out searching for a mate.  We have an image in our archive of a male Trapdoor Spider from North Carolina with similar markings.

Trapdoor Spider

Perfect!  That is the same answer we got from a local source. Hebestatis lanthanus to be exact. We are relocating “him” from our house to a nice forest dwelling (with nice ground cover) nearby. Thank you!!!

Thanks so much for providing a species name for us.  We are linking to both FlickR and Arachids My Species that have images of Hebestatis lanthanus.

Location: Pozos de Santa Ana, Costa Rica

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