Subject: Always wondered
Location: Langdon NH
May 4, 2017 7:23 pm
I have always wanted to know what these bugs are known as. I get them all the time.
Signature: Donna Caron

Giant Eastern Crane Fly

Dear Donna,
Based on BugGuide images, we at first mistook this for a Giant Eastern Crane Fly,
Pedicia albivitta, because BugGuide does indicate:  “the most commonly encountered species of Pedicia“, but upon more closely scrutinizing the dark pattern on the wings, we realized there was no dark mark intersecting the bottom edge in the wing, which causes us to speculate, based on BugGuide images, that this is actually Pedicia contermina, a similar looking member of the same genus.  Crane Flies are frequently attracted to lights, which might explain why you get them all the time. They are erroneously called Mosquito Hawks or just Skeeter Hawks because they are believed to eat Mosquitoes, when in fact most Crane Flies probably do not feed as adults.  There are also folks who mistakenly believe Crane Flies sting, but they neither sting nor bite, so they are harmless to humans.

Location: Langdon, New Hampshire

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