Subject: Violet ground beetle?
Location: Lower Laurentians, Quebec
May 4, 2017 5:58 am
is this a violet ground beetle? I found lots of them on my garden now the snow has cleared here in Quebec, Canada and I read that they eat slugs so I’m very excited. However I just wanted to check it is not some other type of beetle which is going to eat my plants?
Many thanks,
Signature: Anne

European Ground Beetle

Dear Anne,
We are curious where you discovered that this beetle is called a Violet Ground Beetle because that is not a common name used on BugGuide where we believe we have correctly identified this as a European Ground Beetle,
Carabus nemoralis, and according to BugGuide its range is:  “n. US & Canada, absent from Great Plains (BG data)  native to Europe, adventive in NA (in the east: NF-MN-ne.VA; in the west: BC-CA to AB-UT; isolated in the Saskatoon area, SK).”  According to Encyclopedia of Life:  “This species, in the subgenus Archicarabus, is a European introduction. Black or dark piceous, upper surface more or less cupreous or greenish bronze, sides of prothorax, and often elytra, usually violaceous. Elytron with three rows of foveae and on each interval with suggestion of five ridges, so irregular and confluent as to give a scaly appearance. Length 21 to 26 mm.”  According to Ground Beetles of Ireland:  “A very eurytopic species, clearly favoured by human activities and widespread in gardens, parks, pastureland and woods in lowland areas.”  According to  “Adults spend the day under loose bark or among deep plant litter, emerging at night to forage over a wide area, usually on grass or among litter but they also ascend mossy tree trunks. Prey includes slugs and snails, woodlice, millipedes and centipedes. Adults are active from early spring, breed in the summer, and persist into the autumn. ”  We are still curious where you found the common name Violet Ground Beetle because we have not found it used in relation to this species.

Thanks so much – the violet ground beetle is just my ignorance looking at pictures on the web and thinking I saw something that was the same. Thanks for your expert guidance. Brilliant service. I hope to use you again.
Many thanks,
Location: Lower Laurentians, Quebec, Canada

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