Subject: Love bug?
Location: Brevard County Florida
April 26, 2017 12:45 pm
I live in Florida and we usually get a ton of love bugs around this time of the year but instead of your typical black bodied bug with a red head they’re all black? Is this a love bug? I have yet to see a red headed love bug anywhere.
Signature: Stephanie

March Fly

Dear Stephanie,
This is an excellent question.  The image you submitted is of a March Fly in the family Bibionidae and the small eyes indicate it is a female.  Lovebugs are members of the genus Plecia within the family Bibionidae.  So all Lovebugs are March Flies, but not all March Flies are Lovebugs.  As you stated, Lovebugs have red heads.  You may read more about March Flies on BugGuide where it states:  “Adults emerge synchronously in huge numbers and often form dense mating aggregations. Males form loose ‘swarms’ and copulate immediately with females as they emerge from the soil. After mating, female bibionines dig a small chamber in the soil with their fossorial fore tibiae, lay eggs, and die within the chamber (
Plecia lay eggs on the soil surface). Adults are short-lived (3-7 days).”

Location: Brevard County, Florida

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