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Subject: Large insect swarm… is my Infant Safe?
Location: Pacific Northwest, Springfield, Oregon
April 17, 2017 3:15 am
Hello, I have a 17 yr old Son and 5 Month old Son at home. My Oldest was working on the yard this weekend. We had a tree fall during a storm about 10 years ago. He was starting to use the Weed-eater around the stump. When a Swarm of these insects flew out at my Son. He didn’t get stung and as fast as they surrounded him they went back in. He said they acted like wasps but they didn’t follow him. I though at first he was just trying to get out of yard work. When I went out there I saw one until I got to close and 20 of them flew out. My son was right they acted like wasps more like pretended to be. I went and grabbed the camera with the long lenses to take the picture. They are very Beautiful but intimidating. I would like to know what they are and if they are safe? Especially because of my 5 month old. The stump is about 6 ft from the Nursery Window. They window is closed now but when summer comes that might be a problem. I don’t want to harm them if we can co-exist I will leave them be. If not are they able to be relocated?
Thank you for taking the time to read this and Thank you in advance for any help you can give me!
Signature: Angie W

Crane Fly

Dear Angie,
We believe we have correctly identified this beautiful, and perfectly harmless, male Crane Fly as
Ctenophora vittata angustipennis thanks to images posted on BugGuide where Eric Eaton provided this comment:  “There is at least one common wood-boring species in the Pacific Northwest. I ran across a log full of the larvae and pupae once, before I knew what they were! Pretty bizarre.”  According to BugGuide, there are two subspecies:  “holarctic: one ssp. along the NA Pacific coast (BC-CA), another across Eurasia.”  We believe the larvae were developing in the rotting wood and that is why they were found near the log.  They are not social insects, but when conditions are correct, there can be large numbers of individuals.  There are currently several species of Crane Flies that are appearing in great numbers in Southern California, and we believe their numbers were affected by the record rains we had this past winter.  These Crane Flies pose no threat to your toddler and there is no need to relocate their rotting log.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
Location: Springfield, Oregon

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