Subject: Thai longicorn
Location: North of the Gulf of Thailand
April 9, 2017 8:40 pm
Hi, I found this longicorn at night at the start of the hot season (March) in central Thailand, right before two weeks of heavy rain showers.
It was about 8cm in length and I was able to pick it up, it did not hiss or squirm but may possibly have been dazed by a light.
The area where I found it is a small open grassy area, at the side of a reservoir and wetland, surrounded by protected tropical forest, not far from Chonburi on the coast of the Gulf of Thailand.
A week before finding this specimen, I saw the same species mating on a wall, and another drowned in a small puddle of water. Since March I have not seen any so possibly they were active to mate?
It would be awesome if I could get an ID!
Signature: Laura


Dear Laura,
Your Longicorn is a Prionid in the subfamily Prioninae.  Prioninae of the World has a page devoted to species found in Thailand, but not all species are pictured.  Of the ones pictured on Prioninae of the World, in our opinion, the one that most resembles your individual is
Spinimegopis lividipennis because both have several prominent spines on the thorax.  The species is also pictured on Cerambycoidea Forum.

Update:  April 29, 2017
Thanks to a comment from Tina, we agree that
Dorysthenes (Paraphrus) granulosus which is pictured on FlickR and on Coleoptera Atlas appears to me a very good possibility for a species identification.

Location: Thailand

2 Responses to Prionid from Thailand, Probably Dorysthenes (Paraphrus) granulosus

  1. Tina Shaddock says:

    I think it actually might be Dorysthenes (Paraphrus) granulosus.

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