Subject: Worm in pool
Location: Pensacola Florida
April 5, 2017 7:33 am
Im a maintenance guy at a condo and I’ve been having these worm things invading my pools and the local bug man can’t seem to kill it off plz help.
Signature: Coty


Dear Coty,
This is not a Worm.  It is a Millipede, possibly a Greenhouse Millipede,
Oxidus gracilis, and according to BugGuide: “Native to Asia, introduced to North America and found throughout the lower 48 states and southern Canada.”  The problem is most likely with the landscaping as this is not an aquatic species.  It is falling into the pool, not living there.

What would be a good insecticide to help knock them down? I keep all the flower beds and grass around it as clean as possible.

We do not provide extermination advice.

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Location: Pensacola, Florida

3 Responses to Millipedes falling into swimming pool

  1. Kelly Coberly says:

    This is weird because these millipedes have also been invading our home in Pensacola, and I was googling them to find their species and came across this post. Then I saw the location as Pensacola. These things are everywhere and they’ve only appeared within the past two months where I live. Every night, especially after a rain, there have been literally hundreds, sometimes thousands on our porch alone. I’m not even exaggerating. I found 8 in the house last night. I have no idea how they’re getting inside. I’ve probably found a total of 50-70 in my house (dead and alive) since the “invasion” began a few months back. Before that, it was a very rare occasion to see them. Maybe once every few years. I was walking around my back yard a few days ago and they were on all of the trees in giant clusters of several hundred, and many were crawling around on the bark of every single tree in the back yard. I also found a cluster of them near the shed outside. I’ve never seen any kind of insect invasion in my life that’s like this one

  2. George Rubert says:

    I have seen just one – and another person found one in the pool that she thought was a mosquito because it bit her, but when she looked down it was just an extremely small worm, pinkish in color.

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