Subject: Bug in guest bedroom
Location: Texas
April 2, 2017 6:52 pm
Its been a week since we had company in the guest bedroom. I was cleaning up the bedding and found this bug under the quilt. It was alive and I didn’t see any others. No one has been in this room since our company left. Please tell me what it could be?
Signature: Creeped Out

Lacewing Larva

Dear Creeped Out,
You have nothing to fear.  This is a Lacewing Larva, commonly called an Aphid Wolf.  It is an outdoor insect that will help rid your garden of Aphids and other unwanted pests.  We suspect it is not happy it found itself in your guest bed.  Though we have received numerous reports from people who have been bitten by Aphid Wolves (and this includes our own editorial staff) the effects of the bite are quite localized, and limited to itching that might last as long as a week.

Aphid Wolf

Location: Texas

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  1. Mark says:

    I am so glad to see this post because two nights ago (may 1st) I was bitten at my feet and was awakened by it. Thought it was a mosquito, scratched it and then went back to be bed. I was then bitten at my shoulder twice and then woke up in panic thinking bedbugs but this felt like an ant biting me, like a fire ant bite. When I did a search of my bedding I found the same little guy (lacewing Larve) and thought it was a bed bug. I stayed up all night in a panic and did a ton of research, only to find that these thing DO bite. And I’ve had pretty inflamed red bumps there ever since. Not a lot of stories of this on the internet but believe me they BITE and it will leave mark.

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