Subject: Biggest Bumble Bee I Have Ever Seen
Location: Glendale, CA
March 17, 2017 5:04 pm
Dear Bugman,
I near Los Angeles, CA and saw this HUGE and distinctly colored Bumble Bee outside my door today. It’s orange color, big bristly fur, and yellow head were too cool not to go outside and get a closer look. Can you help me in identifying what species of Bumble Bee I got the pleasure to see today?
Signature: Teacher Todd

Male Valley Carpenter Bee

Dear Teacher Todd,
This is not a Bumble Bee.  This is a male Valley Carpenter Bee, a species with pronounced sexual dimorphism.  Even larger females are black and look like a different species.  The golden male Valley Carpenter Bees are usually seen only in the spring, though the females that live much longer are found at other times of the year.  Here is an image of a mating pair of Valley Carpenter Bees from our archives.

Male Valley Carpenter Bee

Location: Glendale, California

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  1. slit says:

    I sent you a few images in the end of January 2017. You gave a Genus (?) name on one of the moths (Giant silk moth (Saturniidae sp.).I don´t know how to find the image on your home page. I have now been able to get species name for that moth Via (Dr Phd) David Thomas England, from Prof. Dr Ahmet Ömer Koçak & Asst. Prof. Dr Muhabbet Kemal (Centre for Entomological Studies, Ankara, Turkey), both experts on moths and hawkmoths in central China. I have also received names for two more of my moths/hawkmoths.
    If you would like me to send them to you, please let me have your e-mail-address again. It has disappeared since out latest contact.
    Stefan Lithner (slit)

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