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Subject: Really would love positive identification, it means a lot to know of this visitor.
Location: Athabasca, Alberta, Canada
March 16, 2017 9:57 pm
Dear Mr Bugman,
Should you find the time for this identification request, it would be quite a delight indeed. Thank-you for your consideration and guidance.
Athabasca, Alberta, Canada
Thursday, March 16, 2017
Is it a butterfly? Is it a moth? It was very much an intended visitor.
Please help me to determine what such beauty found me.
Signature: TannaT

Compton Tortoiseshell

Dear TannaT,
Too bad you were unable to get an image of this pretty little Compton Tortoiseshell,
Nymphalis l-album, with its wings open.  The upper surface of the wings is much more brightly colored, which causes the butterfly to be somewhat flashy while flying, but when it alights, especially among dried fallen leaves on the ground, it blends in perfectly because of its camouflage coloration.  Here is a BugGuide image for comparison.  Was this sighting recent?  According to BugGuide:  “adults fly from July to November before hibernating, and appear again in May and June to lay eggs.”  If this sighting was just made, and you are having unseasonably warm weather, it is possible this hibernating individual emerged early.

Dear Daniel,
Thank-you mega much for your guidance and timely response.
This sighting was indeed just yesterday, March 16, 2017 at approximately 12:34 pm.
The air is still quite cool with snow on the ground and yet to come in the forecast.
How grateful I am to have been a witness to such a rare delight.
I know it was a sign from above to see her. Perhaps my story is quite alike hers.
I was previously told by a numerologist that March 16 would be the “unexpected beginning
of a change of fate that will certainly be the most beautiful of your life”.
She was a big part of my melting heart.
Thank-you again and again for your help.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
Location: Athabasca, Alberta, Canada

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