Subject: Pleocoma rubiginosa rubiginosa Female !
Location: Chimney Peak Recreation Area , Kennedy Meadows Road , Kern Pleateu , Sierra Nevada Mountains, Tulare County, California, USA
March 14, 2017 6:24 am
Chimney Peak Recreation Area , Kennedy Meadows Road , Kern Pleateu , Sierra Nevada Mountains, Tulare County, California, USA
March 9, 2017
I just got back from spending 5 days ( 3/4/2017 to 3/9/2017 ) in the Kennedy Meadows Area in search of Pleocoma rubiginosa rubiginosa and I was not disappointed ! My good friend Garin Woo and his sister joined me the first day and we collected a handful each at sunset using Black lite traps and nets. The next day they had left and a major Blizzard hit me , dropping over a foot of fresh snow. I was off the pavement on a dirt road so, I stayed put and waited 2 days for the snow to melt and the Pleocoma to fly . 6 degrees the second night in the Blizzard and a balmy 22 degrees the third night with clearing skies .Finally the temps soared upward into the 70’s and the Beetles started to Fly in Numbers ! So the 4th and 5th night I was able to collect an excellent / large series of beautiful freshly hatched male Pleocoma ! And as a Bonus Prize I found a Female Pleocoma rubiginosa rubiginosa on the last Night ! Setting her right in the lip of my net I was able to collect 6 Males who flew right in it ! Then the flights stopped as quickly as they began , with the main flight being 15 minutes in duration and then that was it . On the way home to Lake Tahoe my rig died and I had to have three different tow trucks work to get me and my Ford Expedition home ! That took Two extra days as the one Tow truck also had Mechanical problems half way home . It was still a great trip and the motor issue was fixed by my main mechanic in a half day, putting me back on the road ! Thank God for my Premium AAA Card and excellent Tow Truck operators ! These folks literally keep America Rolling ! The Male’s length sizes ranged from 20mm to 30 mm and the Female was 22mm in length ( using stainless steel calipers ) . These are the last Pleocoma to fly until next Fall ! I am including the male and female pictures and they ( both sexes )are both the same length. Cheers and good Hunting to All ! Cheers ! Gene St. Denis Sierra Nevada Research
Signature: Gene St. Denis

Rain Beetle Attraction, Pleocoma rubiginosa rubiginosa

Dear Gene,
Thanks for sending your presumably ultimate Rain Beetle sighting of the very wet, very warm California winter of 2016/2017.  Your early March adventure makes for a great tale to commemorate your excellent collecting season.  Our readers really benefited our readership and it entertained our editorial staff greatly.  Readers who want to relive Gene St. Denis’ Rain Beetle adventures should visit our Rain Beetle page.

Female Rain Beetle, Pleocoma rubiginosa rubiginosa

Daniel , the last picture you posted is the female from the side ,
please change it’s title from male to female . Unless you want to
replace it with the male picture I am adding with this reply . Cheers !

Thanks for the correction Gene.  I will use all your images.

Male Rain Beetle: Pleocoma rubiginosa rubiginosa

Rodger that Daniel ! I just wanted to say that you guys have a great
site and do a splendid job bringing Entomology to Public as well ! Keep
up the good work my Friend . Cheers ! Gene

Female Rain Beetle, Pleocoma rubiginosa rubiginosa

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Location: Chimney Peak Recreation Area, Tulare County, California

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