Subject: Large moth
Location: Corona, California
March 11, 2017 4:57 pm
We found a large moth (5″ wing-span) fluttering around the other night in our backyard, and was wondering what kind it might be. It landed and stayed in the same spot for over a day, until unfortunately it died.
Trying to look it up, to me it looked a lot like the Glover Silkmoth, but also looked kind of like a Cecropia. However, I couldn’t find where either of those moths live in Southern California where we’re located.
I know absolutely nothing about moths and hoped you could help.
Thank you!
Signature: MC

Ceanothus Silkmoth

Dear MC,
This female Ceanothus Silkmoth,
Hyalophora euryalus euryalus, is in the same genus as the Glover Silkmoth, hence the similarity in their appearances.  According to BugGuide, the range is:  “British Columbia, Canada south through the west coast states of the USA into Baja California (c. Mexico).  In California, found mostly west of the Sierras.”   Like other members of the family Saturniidae, the Ceanothus Silkmoth does not feed as an adult, living only long enough to mate and lay eggs.  We hope your individual found a mate.

Ceanothus Silkmoth

Location: Corona, California

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