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Subject: spider
Location: Shamona Creek side, Chester County, PA
March 7, 2017 4:02 pm
June 24, 2012. I was walking past a huge patch of lilies next to a creek when this little pugilist leaped out of the center of the flower. It stood there as if ready to fight to protect its home. The spider didn’t move while I readied my camera and took the picture. It then then did an amazing backward leap into the flower and was gone. I was fascinated by the ring on its body and the color inside it and the ring around its back (sac?). I didn’t see it in the ‘Spiders of Pennsylvania’ website
Thank you in advance
Signature: Sarah

Emerald Jumping Spider

Dear Sarah,
This is a Jumping Spider in the family Salticidae, a group that does not build webs to snare prey.  Jumping Spiders are hunting spiders that pounce on their prey from a considerable distance with remarkable accuracy.  They can also take down prey much larger than they.  Though they are harmless to humans, Jumping Spiders are fearless, and they will follow a human with their acute eyesight if they feel threatened, but they do not back down.  This lovely metallic individual appears to be a male because of his large pedipalps.  We will attempt a species identification and get back to you if we are successful.

Update:  December 29, 2018
Thanks to Barbara who believes this is an Emerald Jumping Spider

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
Location: Shamona Creek, Chester County, Pennsylvania

5 Responses to Emerald Jumping Spider

  1. Oscar says:

    Thank you! Fascinating info about the Amazing Jumping Spider.

  2. Barbara Thurlow says:

    This looks like an adult male Paraphidippus aurantius, the emerald jumping spider. Unfortunately, I am not able to enlarge the photo for some reason.

  3. Betty Pratt says:

    How do I upload a photo of a spider? It is reddish brown with a white jack o’lantern face on back

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