Subject: Request for Identification of Mystery Australian Stick insect
Location: Mount Gambier, South Australia, Australia
March 3, 2017 1:46 am
I found recently found some mystery phasmids while out doing conservation and land management work, and i would love to try and get a positive ID on them. Ive tried finding information on the internet about the individuals i found, but most of the information is about the larger ‘pet’ Australian species.
The green one was the easiest to photograph, as it stayed still. The smaller brown individuals (who are a different gender judging by genitalia) were much more lively.
The images i included show the green individual, which has a bulkier body, and two thin protrusions at the end. On all the individuals i found, there was no evidence or wings or wing buds (found in nymph stages of other stick insects) so i assume they may be flightless.
With front limbs straight out, the green one was about 11-12cm long total, with about 7cm of that being from head to end of abdomen.
I found these guys on a native grass possibly called “Tussock Grass” (Poa sieberiana or Poa labillardieri) – within close vivacity to Ficinia nodosa (Knotted Club Rush). So they were close to the ground. Others i were working with noticed them on their clothing as we worked in the area, and we assumed they climbed onto us from the grass. Acacia and Shea-oak were also very close by.
Some were observed mating but i didn’t get a chance to see the size of those adults.
I hope all the information i provided helps in identification. For now i will keep them in captivity until tomorrow, where i will probably release them back to the tussock grasses where i found them
I cant seem to attach all the images, so if you need additional images i have them (images of abdomen, close ups of heads, genetalia etc)
Signature: Liam

Sydney Stick Insect

Dear Liam,
We are posting your image in the hopes that one of our readers might be able to assist with a species identification of this Phasmid.  You can try attaching additional images and responding to us.

Here are some other images, but i was already given a positive ID by an australian stick insect breeder. The phasmid is the “Sydney stick insect” Candovia peridromes.

Sydney Stick Insect

Sydney Stick Insect

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Location: Mount Gambier, South Australia, Australia

3 Responses to Sydney Stick Insect from Australia

  1. Liam says:

    Hello again!
    Funnily enough i had these guys identified overnight by a stick insect breeder located in Sydney. The species is Candovia peridromes, or the Sydney stick insect. They are found from Sydney NSW down the coast through Victoria into south Australia. They apparently feed on Acacia and Eucalyptus, and hide during the day.

  2. Matthew says:

    This is a female Candovia peridromes, commonly called the Sydney Stick Insect despite the fact that it ranges widely. Males are brown, so your description matches, and they are often found in grass and small shrubs. They are not commonly noticed so there aren’t too many images online, but you should be able to get some information if you look hard enough. Hope this helps!

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