Subject: Tiny praying mantis?
Location: Gilroy, CA, Watsonville Road near Uvas Creek: 37.02912ºN, -121.65475ºW
March 1, 2017 2:07 am
My grandson and I found this tiny bug dragging a moth across the screen of my tent. Although it looked like a praying mantis, it was so tiny that I wondered if it really was one. Could it be an instar? I I remember instars from Entomology at Cal Poly, but I couldn’t tell if it had wings. I released it after the photo shoot, but, alas, the moth was dead.
My grandson and I caught it October 3, 2010 around 5 pm and I have always wondered about it. I just ran across the pictures about the same time I received notification that there was a new comment about the Pacific Green Sphinx I submitted 1/17/2015, which reminded me to get in gear and find out about my tiny friend.
Signature: Bob

Thread Legged Bug eats Moth

Dear Bob,
This is actually an Assassin Bug in the subfamily Emesinae, a group known as Thread Legged Bugs.  The moth appears to be a Geometer.  We are happy to hear the notice you received on the Pacific Green Sphinx triggered this new submission.

Thread Legged Bug

Hi Daniel,
Thanks for your super fast reply.  Wow!  An Assassin Bug?  I would not have ever guessed that!  The way it held its front legs made it look like a praying mantis to me, but I knew something was amiss because the rest of it looked more like a walking stick.
Thanks again.

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Location: Gilroy, California

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