Subject: Grasshopper ID
Location: Costa Rica
February 14, 2017 7:08 am
Taken in Costa Rica, Bosque de Paz cloud forest, September
Signature: Myer

Yellow Spotted Lubber

Hi Myer,
We are posting your lovely images of a Costa Rican Grasshopper, but we did not find any images online in our first quick attempt at providing you a species identification.  Perhaps one of our readers will recognize your Grasshopper.

Yellow Spotted Lubber

Karl Provided Identification of Yellow Spotted Lubber
Hi Daniel and Myer:
What a beauty! This is a Yellow-spotted Lubber (Romaleidae: Munatia punctata). I could only find one good photo of this species online, on Flickr, but Rowell (1998) provides descriptive information (Page 25) and a good illustration (Fig.1). Regards, Karl

Location: Bosque de Paz, Costa Rica

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