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Subject: Unknown Wasp
Location: Gujarat, India
February 5, 2017 5:16 pm
Hello Sir,
I have been a fan of your website since long and it has helped me in a lit of ways. You encourage me to identify animals around me and it helps me get to know them better. I am currently graduating from zoology and you have a fair bit of share in it. I mostly search and find the species of the animal but i found one particular wasp like creature lurking in my garden . I kept you as my final option. I guess we cant identify all. I hope you help me out like you always do. Thank you.
Season : Start of Spring
Location : India
PS- The pictures may not be that much clear coz i took it with a 5MP camera.
Signature: Rajrajeshwar

Spider Wasp from India

Dear Rajrareshwar,
This appears to be a Spider Wasp in the family Pompiliidae.  Here is a similar looking Spider Wasp from India on FlickR.  The female Spider Wasps hunts and paralyzes Spiders to feed to her brood.

Spider Wasp

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
Location: Gujarat, India

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  1. Rajrajeshwar says:

    Thank You So much…Really appreciate your help and all the hardwork…

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