Subject: Unknown Wasp
Location: Gujarat, India
February 5, 2017 5:16 pm
Hello Sir,
I have been a fan of your website since long and it has helped me in a lit of ways. You encourage me to identify animals around me and it helps me get to know them better. I am currently graduating from zoology and you have a fair bit of share in it. I mostly search and find the species of the animal but i found one particular wasp like creature lurking in my garden . I kept you as my final option. I guess we cant identify all. I hope you help me out like you always do. Thank you.
Season : Start of Spring
Location : India
PS- The pictures may not be that much clear coz i took it with a 5MP camera.
Signature: Rajrajeshwar

Spider Wasp from India

Dear Rajrareshwar,
This appears to be a Spider Wasp in the family Pompiliidae.  Here is a similar looking Spider Wasp from India on FlickR.  The female Spider Wasps hunts and paralyzes Spiders to feed to her brood.

Spider Wasp

Location: Gujarat, India
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  1. Rajrajeshwar says:

    Thank You So much…Really appreciate your help and all the hardwork…

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