Subject: Crawling bug
Location: CT
January 28, 2017 3:09 pm
I recently brought in wood from a wood pile and have found a few of these crawling on my floor. I live in CT
Signature: Freaked out by bugs!

Red-Headed Ash Borer

Dear Freaked Out by Bugs!,
Was the wood by chance Ash?  This appears to be a Red-Headed Ash Borer and according to BugGuide:  “Larvae feed on the sapwood of ash and other hardwoods, and even occasionally on vines and shrubs. Larvae are common in downed timber with the bark left on.”  We agree with you that your wood pile is most likely the source of the sighting.  Warm conditions indoors often hastens the metamorphosis process, causing early emergence in the winter.

Thank. You. Yes some of the wood is ash and some still has the bark attached. Are these bugs dangerous?
Julie Gray

Hi again Julie,
Members of this family often have extremely strong mandibles that they use to chew their way to the surface after metamorphosis and large members of the family, especially those Prionids in the subfamily Prioninae may draw blood if they bite someone who carelessly handles them.  Red-Headed Ash Borers might produce a pinching bite, but we doubt they can draw blood.  In our assessment, they are not dangerous.


Location: connecticut

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