Subject: Bee or fly

Location: New Zealand
January 27, 2017 7:02 pm
Hi Bugman… can you identify this bug for me. The closest I can find is that it is a NZ Hoverfly, I have never seen one before so I am very interested in finding out the information you have about it. It was flying around inside yesterday (28.01/17) It is suppose to be summer here in New Zealand, but the weather here is very spring like. Yes I took the photo myself in our lounge. I hope it is clear enough.
Thank you
Signature: Ngaire Faull

Probably Hover Fly

Dear Ngaire,
Flies have one pair of wings while most other insects, including bees, have two pairs of wings.  Your insect appears to be a fly, judging by its shape and what we are able to make out of the antennae, but there is not enough detail in your image to be certain.

Thanks Daniel.. what sort of fly? Did you see the one yellow stripe and that long stinging looking thing off its behind?

We agree with comments provided by Cesar Crash that this is probably a Hover Fly

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Location: New Zealand

3 Responses to Probably Hover Fly from New Zealand

  1. Cesar Crash says:

    Doesn’t look the same, but have some simmilarities to this:

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