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Subject: Large black ??
Location: San Diego CA, coastal
January 27, 2017 4:18 pm
Hi, What do I have crawling in my succulent outdoors? I splashed water and accidentally knocked back this huuge bee-like creature. Now it is moving as if blind, slowly reaching out to feel for something to move to (although maybe it also did that before I saw it). It is nearly 1.5 inches long, 6 black fuzzy legs, everything black except iridescent wings with magenta color. So big. Struggling–it is late January. My pics aren’t showing the full length.
Signature: Bug Watcher of My Yard

Female Valley Carpenter Bee

Dear Bug Watcher,
This is a female Valley Carpenter Bee, a species that nests in dead branches, telephone poles and other places where a gallery can be burrowed into wood.  They sometimes nest in exposed house beams.  Valley Carpenter Bees exhibit extreme sexual dimorphism, and the males are golden and look like a different species, an observation that is really evident when they are mating.

THANK YOU so much for this information AND the work you do!

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
Location: San Diego, California

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  1. Patricia Brennecke says:

    Just saw a Female Sonoran Carpenter Bee in the poppy in the backyard in Oakland, CA. Definitely not a carpenter bee.

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