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Subject: Unknown Bug
Location: Gunung Leseur Nat’l Park, Sumatra, Indonesia
January 16, 2017 4:40 am
This is a picture of some bugs with what look like white “streamers” coming from their body. This is the only clear picture I have. They look like some sort of seed that has blown onto the tree, but they actually moved around the surface of the tree in random patterns. The white streamers obscured the body of the bug, so I could not see what was underneath the streamers.
I came across them while hiking in the jungle in Sumatra. The guide, who could not identify them, did not want me to pick them off the tree and examine them more closely, so I don’t know more about their body. After multiple trips, I only found them in one location on one tree.
Signature: Robert R.


Dear Robert,
These insects are members of the order Hemiptera,  a group that includes True Bugs, Cicadas, Leafhoppers, Aphids and allies.  Many very similar looking immature Hemipterans secrete a waxy substance that is believe to be a protection against predators.  There are also some species of Fulgorid Leafhoppers that similarly secrete a waxy substance in their adult stages.  Unfortunately, we cannot provide any more conclusive identification at this time.

Hemipteran with waxy secretion

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
Location: Gunung Leseur Nat'l Park, Sumatra, Indonesia

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