Subject: What is this please?
Location: Southern California
January 9, 2017 1:28 am
Dear Bugman, I live in monrovia hills which is in southern calif. In the last week I have encountered two of these bugs indoors on the floor in 2 separate bedrooms. Their torso are about 2 inches long and by the photo it appears the wings are about the same . One actually aggressively jumped on me and I had to keep swatting it away. I have been in my home 20 years and living in the hills I have encountered my share of insects from millipedes , scorpion, Jerusalem bugs, black widows etc. Neverthess despite exhaustive research I cannot identify this insect and wonder if you can help me. Identifying it hopefully will help me discover where they are coming from and how I can prevent them from infesting my home. Your help would be greatly appreciated . Many thanks
Signature: Erin

American Cockroach

Dear Erin,
We believe this Cockroach, based on its appearance and the size and behavior you described, is an American Cockroach,
Periplaneta americana, which despite its name is NOT a native species.  According to BugGuide:  “They are significant pests throughout the world. They are not native to the Americas at all. They come from tropical Africa. They were probably transported to the Americas on slave ships.”  Because of their large size, American Cockroaches are not as likely to infest homes as the much smaller German Cockroach, and we suspect the two you found were most likely accidental visitors as opposed to breeding individuals that have taken up residence in your home.

Location: Monrovia, California

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