Subject: Ant/Caterpillar Crossbreed!
Location: Napa, Calfornia
December 29, 2016 8:35 pm
My wife found this insect on the floor of our kitchen while sweeping. My best guess is that an ant (or termite) and a caterpillar had a forbidden love affair that resulted in this unusual creature. Dark, flat head and thorax, six legs, long mottled abdomen that has small hairs on it, large jaws. When it moves it walks with its legs, and the long abdomen expands and contracts like an caterpillar to keep up, though it moves very rapidly. I’ve lived my whole life in California and never seen an insect like it. In addition, we are in the middle of winter, so a very unusual time to find a new insect. You will impress me indeed if you know what this is.
Signature: Jesse

Snakefly Larva

Snakefly Larva

Dear Jesse,
Based on this BugGuide image, this is a beneficial, predatory, Snakefly larva, and we think the adult Snakefly is much more unusual looking than is the larval form.

Location: Napa, California

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