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Subject: Huge black spider in our bed
Location: Santa Rosa, CA
December 1, 2016 9:44 pm
My wife found this huge black spider crawling on our bed. Would you happen to know what it is?
Signature: Michael K



Dear Michael,
This is most definitely a Tarantula, and it is most likely a male wandering in search of a mate.  Tarantulas might bite if carelessly handled, but the bite is not dangerous, causing little more than local swelling and tenderness.  Urticating hairs can cause irritation and a severe skin reaction in sensitive people.  We are postdating your submission to go live on Christmas Day when we will be out of the office for the holidays.



Wow.  That is amazing.  We had thought it was a female crevice weaver.  So cool to find out it was actually a tarantula.  Thank you so much.  I really appreciate you taking the time to look at those pictures.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
Location: Santa Rosa, California

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  1. Vanessa says:

    They are discovering more and more ‘dwarf’ species of Aphonopelma in the drier, southern, states. Although I wouldn’t consider one this large to be a dwarf, it does seem like it is one of the smaller species indigenous to that area.
    What a fabulous find!

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