Subject: WTB?!
Location: Denver area (larva)
December 12, 2016 10:37 pm
I’m trying to positively identify three insects so their Genus species can be part of the file name which will have the Genus species of the flowering plant, too. (You’ll see.)
…The (I think sawfly) larva is on a pincushion cactus blossom and might be two inches long? This is mid-May along the southern edge of the Denver area (Highland Ranch).
I appreciate your even taking the time to consider these.
Signature: Mark Bennett

Probably Sawfly Larva

Probably Sawfly Larva

Ed Note:  We requested higher resolution images from Mark, and he complied, supplying this additional information.

Hello Daniel,
Here are the three images in their uncropped state. Note, these uncropped images are artwork to me, not science. As such, they are entered in competition at a gallery and could, with luck and the favor of the judges, be selected for display. And, with more luck and perseverance, become salable prints. THUS, please observe my copyright restrictions — you may use the images on your web site and archive, for educational purposes, but they can not be reproduced or shared or in any method used for commercial purposes by you, What’s That Bug?, or any other entity without my express permission. If these terms are acceptable, and accepted, then we’re good. If not, then please delete the attached file(s).
Thanks. I do hope these help the organization.
Mark Bennett Photography

Escobaria vivipara blossom Symphyta Dolerus sp. sawfly larva Littleton nature walk 20120521 25cv

Escobaria vivipara blossom
Symphyta Dolerus sp. sawfly larva
Littleton nature walk 20120521 25cv

December 18, 2016
Hi again Mark,
We are finally getting around to posting what we agree appears to be a sawfly larva.  We will attempt to contact Eric Eaton to see if he agrees.  We will be postdating this submission to go live to our site while we are away from the office on Christmas Day because of the beautiful colors represented in your artful image.

Sounds like fun! It is a beautiful image, if I say so myself, and is my favorite for inclusion in the upcoming gallery show in Fort Collins, Colorado. The theme is “animalia” and I’m hoping that my “animal,” being present but not the apparent, initial, focus of the photo will catch the jurors’ eyes.
Have a happy holiday,

Eric Eaton Confirms Sawfly Larva identification.
Yes, the other is a sawfly larva.  Great job!
Eric Eaton
author Kaufman Field Guide to Insects of North America

Location: Denver, Colorado

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