Subject: Tiny winged worm
Location: South Africa, Eastern Cape
December 17, 2016 11:17 pm
Can you perhaps tell me what this insect is? I live in South Africa and on summer evenings, I find a large amount on my bedroom curtains particularly after a very hot humid day. They seem to have wings that fall off and the “wormlike” insect is left behind.
They are very small, not more than 5mm in length.
Signature: Sharon

Termite Alate

Termite Alate

Dear Sharon,
This is a Termite Alate that has shed its wings.  Alates are the reproductive males and females that swarm when weather conditions are ideal.  After mating, they shed their wings and search for a place to begin a new Termite colony.

thanks so much
Should I be alarmed…I find them in my home?
Kind Regards
Sharon Welman

Hi again Sharon,
If you find them often in your home, you may have a colony existing somewhere in old rotting beams or panels in your home.  It is also possible they are being attracted from the outside by lights.  If you are really concerned, we would recommend a professional inspection.

Thanks so much Daniel
Our homes here are made mainly of brick but there are wooden rafters in the roof.  I will have someone check it out.

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Location: South Africa

One Response to Termite Alate sheds wings in South Africa

  1. Rawan says:

    How can i get rid of them ? I found there wings under the carpet and on my desk.
    What should I do to control them before spreading?

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