Subject: Bathroom invader
Location: Greater New Orleans Area
December 17, 2016 7:31 pm
New Orleans area, these guys started showing up out of the blue. I find maybe one every other day now in my bathroom in different places: one was on the ceiling, one or so had been on the sink counter, bathtub, cabinet, etc. Once one had wandered a few rooms over to our front room wall bear a computer, and another night one was on clothes in the laundry bin.
These guys seem hyperaware and when the light comes on, or a person approaches, they run fast and hide still in the nearest shadow expecting to go unseen. They have been spotted generally after midnight to before sunrise.
From what I can tell, I don’t see wings, but their general attitude/color/movement reminds me of a roach, but they are all small, about the length of a dime, about the size of a termite, but the shape doesn’t quite seem right for that either.
Signature: V.M.

Cockroach Nymph

Cockroach Nymph

Dear V.M.,
This is an immature Cockroach, and if you are finding numerous individuals, it is a good indication they are breeding in or near your dwelling place.

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Location: New Orleans, Louisiana

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