Subject: Unknown Bug
Location: Penang, Malaysia
November 13, 2016 4:29 am
Hey Bugman,
Can you identify this bug? I found it while hiking. It was very skittish.
Thanks again for your help!
Signature: Jon

Cockroach Nymph (higher resolution image)

Cockroach Nymph (higher resolution image)

Dear Jon,
Do you have a higher resolution file you can send?  The mouthparts on this insect look decidedly Orthopteran, and the lack of wings would indicate an immature specimen, but what is unusual to us is the morphology of the hind legs.  They are not as well-developed for jumping as in many Orthopterans.  We will begin researching this unusual critter’s identity soon.  The antennae are unusually thick at the base and after the distinctive white band, they taper off like threads.

Eric Eaton provides a correction.
This is the nymph of some kind of cockroach (Blattodea).

Update:  November 24, 2016
Subject: Re-upload
Location: Penang, Malaysia
November 24, 2016 6:14 am
Hey Bugman,
Here’s a better quality picture of the bug I showed you a while back. Thanks!
Signature: Jon

Location: Penang, Malaysia

9 Responses to Cockroach Nymph from Malaysia

  1. Black Zarak says:

    Some sort of roach nymph perhaps?

  2. Ichthyan says:

    Nymph of Hemithyrsocera histrio

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