Subject: Kids study
Location: Lower Mainland Bc Canada
November 10, 2016 4:36 pm
I have a son very interested in learning about animals and bugs and insects. he is always on the look out in my backyard for something new to discover. Today he found a bug I had never seen and we wondered if you could help and identify it for us. I have attached a picture. M
Signature: Tamara

Ichneumon:  Possibly Pimpla sanguinipes

Ichneumon: Possibly Pimpla sanguinipes

Dear Tamara,
This is a female Ichneumon Wasp, a parasitoid that preys upon insects and other arthropods and is generally very prey specific.  This is a large family with over 5000 identified species in North America and an additional estimated 3000 species according to BugGuide.  Based on this BugGuide image, also from British Columbia, we suspect it might be
Pimpla sanguinipes.

Location: British Columbia, Canada

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