Subject: Agressive Earwig
Location: greater Adelaide, South Australia
November 4, 2016 6:05 pm
I lifted a pot and this earwig kept attacking my hands. I have a book on insects in greater Adelaide but it only has two species that do not look like this one.
It was very “full”, its inside bulging between the body segments when it turned, and its pincers short and very stiff. Its pinch actually managed to hurt!
Sorry the photo isn’t of very high quality, it was moving fast.
Signature: Gen



Subject: Friendly Earwig
Location: greater Adelaide, South Australia
November 4, 2016 6:08 pm
I have a book on the insects of greater Adelaide, but it only includes two earwigs.
Initially I thought this may be a brown earwig without wings, perhaps a female with abnormally large pincers, but it has a very defined line on the back of its head.
Signature: Gen



Dear Gen,
Since we received two Earwig identification requests from you, one labeled “Agressive [sic] Earwig” and the other labeled “Friendly Earwig” and since we believe they represent the same species, we are combining them into one posting.  The Farmstyle website has an image identified only as a Native Earwig and the information that it is:  “native to Australia and is thought to be a predator, not a pest.”  We also found an image of a Native Earwig on PestWeb and the species is identified as
Gonolabis michaelseni.  There are additional images of Gonolabis michaelseni on Friends of Queens Park Bushland

Thankyou for the information! I was confused as I couldn’t find anything on these earwigs despite them being everywhere. I feel a bit silly for not considering they were the same bug but different genders!

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Location: Adelaide, South Australia

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  1. Cael Gallery says:

    Hi bugman, “friendly earwig” is a different species to aggressive earwig (Which is Gonolabis michaelseni). It’s of the genus Carcinophora, I suspect it represents C. Occidentalis.

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