Subject: Green and black beetle
Location: Lincolnshire UK
August 29, 2016 7:59 am
We found this 4″ specimen (unfortunately dead) under a stone near a small lake in the East Midland part of the U.K. Unlike anything we have ever seen before in this country and much bigger. I have searched the Internet but cannot find what this monster is called!
Signature: Don’t mind

Toy Beetle

Toy Beetle

Dear Don’t Mind,
Try though we might, we were unable to find a rubber or plastic beetle that exactly resembled your discovery, though we did find many lifelike looking insect toys online.  We were much luckier with this Giant Cave “Spider” found in Austin Texas by a group of partiers.  Just out of curiosity, have the Brits switched from metric to inches in measurement?

Hi Daniel
Thanks for your great reply (it made me laugh).   I managed to find a UK WEBSITE and they asked if I had checked whether or not it was plastic too!  On closer inspection of the photo it became quite clear that it was plastic.  Sorry for wasting time.  But thanks from over the pond!  And no we are still metric, although I sometimes tend to be ‘old school’!
Steve Twigg

Hi Steve,
It was not a waste of time.  We really did search for quite some time to attempt locating your exact toy beetle online.  We love amusing postings like your submission.

Location: Lincolnshire, England

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