Subject: fuzz ball with eyes
Location: new mexico
August 23, 2016 4:30 am
Hello, I have been plagued with the critters for several years and I would like to know what they are.
Signature: janice bisset

Dust Bunny, we believe

Dust Bunny, we believe

Dear Janice,
There is not much detail in your image, which has a focus problem, so we cannot be certain, but we believe this is a Dust Bunny.  According to the Huffington Post:  “Deep cleaning your home can be emotional. There are feelings, and then there’s procrastination and somewhere, before you reach the finish line (or your wit’s end), there are questions. Like, what are those wads of dust that have made a home of their own underneath your sofa?”  The Huffington Post also provides this information:  “Dust bunnies are made of many things… …Including dead skin, hair, particles of fiber, paper and feathers, and lint from textiles.  Dust bunnies are held together with static electricity.  And in homes with many pets or lots of people with shedding hair, they can get large as they collect under furniture such as beds and sofas.  They can be harmful to those with allergy or respiratory issues.  According the Wilson, the danger lies in dust bunnies’ ability to harbor dust mites which can trigger an asthmatic or allergic reaction.  To ward off these potential allergy triggers, Wilson recommends moving your furniture once or twice a year as though you are moving out and cleaning underneath to ensure that the surfaces do not build up debris. As an extra measure of cleanliness, use a HEPA filtered vacuum so the dust does not blow back into the room, she says.”  The youtube link you provided is to a private video.
thank you for your response—I made the video public and I will keep it that way for a few days. if you get a chance to watch it, notice the two antenna (?) and the way one of the ?appendages moves. see the two eyes?

Ed. Note:  The only movement we can perceive in the video is the entire “Fuzz Ball with Eyes” being moved by tweezers.  We do admit that some insects, including the Masked Hunter and certain Lacewing Larvae use debris as camouflage, but this does not appear to be either of those.

ok, thank you.

Hi daniel, here is another pic of the same type of “fuzz bug” after I put it alcohol. These things are very bad for my breathing so if I see them I try to make them stop mutiplying

Fuzz Ball in Alcohol

Fuzz Ball in Alcohol

Hi again Jessica,
Thank you for providing another image, but we still can’t make any specific identification.  There does appear to be something visible, but we are not sure what.  You might want to do some research on Dust Mites.

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Location: New Mexico

42 Responses to Woman Plagued by “Fuzz Ball with Eyes” AKA Dust Bunny

  1. Maggie says:

    Hi , have you looked up Morgellons? You tube has a lot of info on this.

    • AJ says:

      I found the exact same thing after combing my hair cleaned the comb and i had it on the sink i thought it look suspicious and took a picture and my head has been itchy i live in Alaska

      • stacy says:

        Please I have the same thing. I have tried everything I cant get rid of them. They a
        have my hair all noted up and in my ears are swollen and hurt . I pulled this out of my ear.

  2. Melana says:

    I have been plagued by black household bugs with wings for months now, going on a year. They are like tiny tiny tiny sticks and at their earliest stages, they appear to be tiny black lines, all in a row wherever they are left– on the wall–on a towel—-on a counter top, etc. As they grow their wings develop. But, the wings are there from its early days. As the bug grows it becomes less stick like and more triangular. I have been to numerous doctors, been prescribed meds for scabies, dermatitis, (my favorite, as it means nothing), lice…etc. None of these meds made the bugs go away. As I am small framed and thin, the doctors began to suspect drugs, and began making inquiries of me accordingly. I am not a drug user, at all…bu t profiling me in that way, as I am also a minority, came easily to most of the doctors and nurses who attended me. Exhausted with the fight beaten down and tired, the last doc I saw, after driving 45 minutes to evening urgent care. She diagnosed what I have as a that i had a “spiritual” problem, and needed to find a church to attend! Prior to that I was told that I suffer from delusions of parasitic somethings,….I don’t remember the full name of the diagnosis, but I do remember how crestfallen I was as this was the first in a series of doctors who really took the time to look at the samples—(pulled out of my body and hair, with tweezers). But, he stopped there claiming that what he saw under the microscope were not buts, rather particles of my own skin! With that he refused to examine hair strands or anything further.. I have to say that these black bugs bite me before burrowing, they can also slash at skin so as to create an entry point to burrow. (I know that this is similar to Scabies)….but I also know,…5 scabies treatments later, that it did not deter these black bugs at all. My son also has a good amount in his hair, but nothing on his body. The doctor said that he thought I might be confused. He says that there is no parasite that he knows of that can do all of these things, (burrow, bite, in both hair and body at same time,..etc). So,since the last in a series of doc visits asking for help, I have just been doing my best to learn to live with the black bugs. But, I have to say that my quality of life has suffered significantly. My children are confused and scared, and their lives too, have been so impacted. Please help if anything here sounds like something you can identify. This is NOT all in my head. Of this, I am SURE.

    • Sharon says:

      Hi Melana
      U r not alone.
      So sorry you’ve been mistreated by doctors. There are 1000s of people that are struggling with this
      ” invisible biting bug”.
      Or actually see the bug or bugs.
      Others describe the ” cut” like you get. I never got that. But I think thrrr t different bugs involved in this mystery.
      Many people are also being dismissed by drs and family and friends.
      Have you been to others web sites that talk about this? Or is this your first web site research ?
      Some people thing it is a bird or rat mite that is causing this problem. Others say morgellons
      Or a combo of both fungus and mites.
      Do you have any water problems around or under your house , or a leaking roof? What about birds nest. You don’t mention anything about that. I just don’t want to repeat what you’ve already read for yourself. I think it’s a combo of mite and fungus.
      There’s is a fungus called sporo schenkii. It’s found in dirt, mulch decaying wood, like under your house wher u might have a leak. Or same with your attic. Or a leak under your sink.
      Sporo schenkii is also found on bushes, trees, bark, birds nest. Mouse or rat nest swamps even cactus!
      Your pets can get it and bring the spores into the house.
      It’s kind of a which came first the chicken or the egg?
      If you got bit by a mite that has this fungus on it, you may get the fungus that way.
      Or if you have the fungus growing somewhere in your house, there are bugs that like to eat it and will go looking for it.
      What your describing almost sounds like a fungus gnat. What does it look like after it is fully formed.
      Are you finding your house has more bugs than normal? More variety than u normal ly find?
      Are you noticing more ” dust” than normal? Tell us more about what your seeing and finding in your home. Do you live near water? Is your house new or old?
      Do you have immune issues ? R u diabetic ?
      Talk to us. Tell us more. Take care.

      • bettina rogers says:

        I have a compromised immune systems, diabetes, more bugs than usually, lots of dust when little before, and live in glorida in a 1960 trailer. I have bald patches on my head and suffer nightly from biting itching of these things do you know what they are.

        • Sharin says:

          Most likely rat mites and mold.tye mold becomes systemic. It will make u very very sick.
          U have to get away from the mold. If u can’t do that, clean ur house as best as usual can. That mean throwing stuff away. All that stuff is just a landing place for mold spores and fungus to grow.
          mites and particularly SPRINGTAILS, eat mold. They will become attracted to u.
          As a rule springtails don’t bite like mites do. But they cause the crawly feeling all over ur body. Cuz they r crawling…. all over your body, ur house your yard.Looking for mold. If it’s growing near by, it’s on you. In your. yard most likely has mold in it too. The mites and springtails AND mold will also make ur pets sick.
          Clean ur house, get rid of books, pikes if clothings any furniture in ur front porch that has Fabric On it. Tye fabric grows mold, mice and rats, other critters live in it the mites infest ALLLL ur furniture. Inside and outside.

          Get a couple of 20 in box fans, and a few HEPPA FURNACE FILTERS. Tape the filters to the back side of fan, the side that takes in the air. NOT the side that blows air.
          That filter will catch all debri in ur home, down to size .03 microns in size. Like mites and mold spores. U will see the debri collecting into the filter.
          THATS what ur breathing into ur lungs.
          THATS what’s all over ur house and furniture, in ur carpet.
          One last things. Get a couple dehumidifier, to collect the moisture in the air.
          Ur r making ur environment an unfriendly place, for mold and fungus to grow when u reduce the humidity.
          The box fan and filter catches all sorts of things.
          Find me on face book. In GROUPS.
          THIS IS SCIENCE. not conspiracy theories. Science that CAN BE BACKED UP.

      • Jan says:

        Please tell me you are still answering questions. I thought I was losing my mind. What a relief to know I’m not. Everything plus some, I am experiencing except, I don’t think the “bug” is inside me but I see this lint like, black spots, glitter look, white with black dot, white flakes, hard brown crumb debris all around and I know there is something going on. Please Help

      • BobbiH says:

        Sharon – I would desperately like to chat. I have had Morgellons for about 9/10 years now. My kids have it and we are desperate. After being treated like Melana by multiple Dr’s I decided to figure it out myself. I have been doing a ton of research and documenting everything in my house/on my pets & with our bodies. Your post is the 1st I have read that has similar conclusions as I am coming to. I live in an old house & came from a prior old house which is wear we caught it. It was immediate too. We moved in and we have had it ever since. I am making some decent headway but whenever I try to get in touch with a research center or any group at all – I am dismissed. No one wants to talk or see what I think I have figured out. So if you could get in touch that would be great or respond to this and we can go from there. I am not a crazy person and have a heavy background in math & science. I need to compare notes to someone else that has it. Hope to hear from you soon. Bobbi

        • Sharin says:

          I found u on messenger. Left a message. Yay!! Let’s talk. Hang in ther.

        • Carol says:

          Hi, Ive had this for 6 months now, My Adult daughter for a year, Dr’s told her she was crazy so I’m Not going to a Dr, We have a theory as well. Please Text Me, Email gets to full & I miss alot so txt is better, Please, Its gotten si bad I thought briefly about Leaving this world, My name is Carol 717-380-4916 in Pennsylvania.

    • Sharon Bradshaw says:

      Yes morgellons.u also need to address the mold and dust in ur place. Not saying yr dirty. But mold also callers stinging and biting. Sensations.
      U may have birds nest or birds living in the attic, or tree nearby. Mice can also carry mites. Read the book YEAR OF THE MITE. U will learn a lot Writtten jane Ishka.
      This is different that war on mites.
      It will help to take to tidy up. Get rid of tings that dust and mold spores can land on. Get a GOOD air purifier. That will a lot. Also check / change ur furnace filter. Check the AC FILTERS too. All of those can collect mold. The spores get into the air. Land on ur skin. Get in ur lungs. Can make u very ill.
      Take care.

    • Bunnie says:

      Thank you so much for sharing. You are not alone. I too have felt the same exact way. I have pictures and videos.

  3. Mark says:

    First it was, and still it is bedbugs, then head lice then and still, scabies and now I am see lint that I think is wrapped around some black bug. Have taken pictures and I am collecting them. Would love to share pictures to help anyone.

    • kim says:

      I have the sane thing.these things use fibers and my quality of life has made me feel crazy and I’m afraid I might give it to someone. the doctors think I’m crazy..

    • Sharon Bradshaw says:

      Hi there, so sorry to hear u r struggling with this.
      Hate to freak u out, but u prob have more then one type of bug. Does ur house have mold in it anywhere ? This is one of the many stages of a mold type sickness.
      U r either living with it, in your home, yard or work building or have been bitten by a bug carrying a mold or fungus. Many bugs eat mold. They become attracted to us when we r living in, breathing in mold spores. have U looked at these under a microscope yet? U can get a good one online, for under $30.00. Or there r others U can attach to ur phone, and allows u to take pics.
      Believe or don’t, this is Morgellons.
      Morgellons is a combo of mold, fungus and for many people mites too. Most often bird or rat mites.
      They r tiny. No larger than the period here .
      There is soooo much to say about Morgellons. The first being it is REAL!
      You are NOT DELUSIONAL.
      Those bugs sound like mites. They have tiny little hairs on them. That’s what make u itch. The hairs.
      If u really want to understand the science of MORGELLONS go to FACE BOOK GROUPS BBits a private group , not open to public.
      Also he has a ground for protocol support.
      His protocol works.
      Nothing works fast. Just like u didn’t get this fast, it came on over time. It will leave in time.
      But ur life will become more manageable more tolerable quickly.
      The brain fog calms down, lesions and itch calm down so u can sleep.
      People make the mistake of going off the protocol to soon. They may do ok for a few weeks evrn a month. But then the balance gets off again and mold, morgellons symptoms start up.
      Just follow what he says, talk to others on his groups ask questions.
      I’ve watched his group grow to almost 10,000 people.
      Not just because he a nice guy lol, but because the protocol is getting people well. Word is spreading. Once u read about the protocol, and how it works, what each thing addresses, u will understand more what ur dealing with.
      I’m on there too. It’s the most logical info aboit morgellons and what it is that I’ve found.
      It’s not from chemtrails or ur government trying to control the populations or from Aliens.
      It’s also found in the soil. It’s found in damp places. Like under ur house if u have a water leak, from a pipe. Or even from ur tub. Tubs can leak right where the rein is. They get old and rusty, just takes a tiny pin hole to create a moisture problem.
      If u r a Gardner or forest worker, logger…. u can get it thst way b
      Also read about SPOROTHRIX. another fungus found in soil,trees, bushes. It’s related to morgellons end can also mske u very very sick.
      Doctors don’t know much about it either these days. Used to be common back when we had little farms and supplied our own veggies and livestock.
      Sporo is also called rose handlers disease.
      Drs may not know about it, but they can at least read about it.
      They r very very closely related.
      Sporo doesn’t produce the long HYPHE thst morgellons does tho.
      U can get tested for sporo and treated.
      With an anti fungal and sometimes antibiotics
      Funny. Morgellons and sporo r so close nature. They will recognize one, but not the other.
      Once u find me on FB in his groups, u can contact me on messenger if you would like.
      Your answers and treatment r there.
      They don’t sell anything.
      U can buy what’s used in the protocol at several places. Farm supply store has tye FENBENDAZOLE that treats the parasites and fungus.
      Look for liquid iodine. 46 % u only need one drop with thst one. Or start at 5%. Work up. Slower. Magnesium used is major. It’s helps u get rid of all the parasites and algae, mold, fungus in ur body.

      Go read. See what I think.
      Simple science.

      • Sharin Bradshaw says:

        Sorry for so many typos lol. Old fingers tired eyes. But the info is real, honest.
        You can also look at the happy healing store. Read what they say ask questions.

      • Tamie says:

        Which Sharon Bradshaw are you on Facebook? My husband and I definitely have a bug problem And doctors can’t figure it out.

        • Sharin says:

          Well….. I have long shoulder length grey white hair. There is also a picture behind me of dragonflies that I painted. I’m in Kirkland wa. Make sure u spell it with an I on Facebook or messenger. My friend set it up for me in 2010 and spelled my name wrong. I just kept it that way lol. Sharin with an I. Sharin. I don’t know how else to ID myself for you. my profile says self employed and loving it. Went to mercer Island high school.
          Or u can just try putting my name in messenger and look for same picture. I DeF want to speak with you ??.
          Spelled with an I in mess. Don’t forget ☺️

        • Sharin Bradshaw says:

          What’s ur last name. Maybe easier for me to find u?

    • Tina says:

      Mark, are you still willing to show pictures. I know I am not losing my mind and I need someone to what I am seeing.

      • Sharin says:

        Ur not loosing ur mind.
        This is real. There r several layers to this illness.
        Living around mold.
        having lyme.
        Bird mites for many.

    • Erin C says:

      I would love to see them I have the same problem and my family and friend keep saying it’s lint and they think I’m crazy. I know it’s somethingi feel it crawling on me

  4. Catherine Medeiros says:

    Omg!i have the exact same thing! Been suffering for years. They are on my skin and sometimes under the surface.and they are also on my clothes mainly around the neck line inside my shirts. The photo is exactly the same as whi have.

  5. Michelle Adler says:

    Morgellons, no doubt.

  6. Kris says:

    Same same and same. Plenty of pictures. I have lupus and arthritis and a heart condition and the are all over me. Inside and out, my partner and son have it as well but no were near as bad, everyone around me think I’m going crazy and I don’t want to leave the house in case I infect others, I sometimes feel invisible things falling down my skin and when grabbed by a tissue there is nothing there, look thru my phone and bam there it is. Sometimes even feels as tho there are hundreds coming out one after one.

  7. michelle purvis miller says:

    My family has been plagued by seemingly the same thing. These “bugs” look like they hAve hairs all over that seem to move like feelers. My son hAs them all in his hair as do my mom and I. The itch is mom and i both have sores that we pull insects out of. They are on our clothes. I’m our feces even as gross as that sounds! My poor little dog has them on her too. My husband seems the only one not affected by them.i know they are here aNd even I have called my mom crAzy when she told me some of the things I am telling you. They do not seem to die I hAve big bombed my house cooked them sprayed alcohol used live meds also scabies meds all to no avail. This all started when my husband started remodelling our 1960s trailer and shed. We have been told there isn’t anything on us to bring accused of being drug addicts or meth heads I assure u I wish that were the problem as this is horrifying to me I am terrified to even have visitors or leave my house for fear of spreading it. I did hAve a bunch of plants in my yArd last summer that I brought in when it for cold. Also help clean out warehouses and abandoned houses so when told scabies I thought it was possible but these things get bigger than mite and none of the treatments for mites help
    Please help us I can’t get an exterminator because I don’t know what to tell them to kill

    • BobbiH says:

      Hang in there. I am going through the same thing. My kids are miserable and having mental health issues because of it and it stunted my son’s growth. I am going to follow Sharon’s advice above. You should do the same. What ever I have has brought an avalanche of carpet beetles into my home. They are literally eating my hard wood floors. I figured out the mold thing Sharon is talking about and have been cleaning like crazy. I am already on supplements and several really help. Most of my sores are completely gone. I take microb-x and big doses of cinnamon too. Microb-x is just Thyme, Clove, and Oregano. You will be very sick as you start getting rid of all the toxins so don’t give up. Keep at it and you will get better. When I am really sick I do a coffee enima which sounds gross but it is a life saver. REad up on the enimas – they are to help your liver with the toxin build up in your system. I don’t have migrains any more because of them. So lots of ways to feel better! It’s a combination of stuff though. Not just 1 thing – so start the fight now and in 3 months you will be better. And in 6 months you will be alot better – but expect to stay on treatment for atleast a year. My heart hurts for you – I can hear your pain in your message!

    • Sharin says:

      Bird or rate mites.

    • Sharin Bradshaw says:

      This is from mold.
      U have MORGELLONS. Get tested for Lyme. DO NOT HABE WESTERN BLOT TEST DONT. Very fallible test. Some people also have bird and rat mites. Drs will tell u morgellons isn’t real and that these mites can’t live on humans. Or reproduce consuming human blood. They can. Drs just don’t get updates. Morgellons is real. It’s a fungal infection. Ur pets can get it too. To much to type.
      ALSO – tho desperate it seems to be related for some people. Look for bird nest under eaves of ur house, attics too. When birds leave nest, they leave behind thousands of mites. Those mites then go looking for a blood meal.

      R y getting only bites? Or do u have lesions too? Open sores. Also if u have indoor outdoor pets or u r a Gardner, work outdoors, google
      SPOROTHRIX. cats especially. Wiki actually has good info on sporo. Sporo and morgellons r very similar. Drs don’t believe morgellons is real. Don’t bring in ur samples. They will say u have DELUSIONAL PARASITOSIS.
      You don’t. Morgs is real.
      Dewormer, iodine drops red reshi magnesium.

      If u want knowledge and emo support FB has a great group. Morgellons support, AND morgellons protocol support too. These groups r STEVE BEDDINGFIELDS. Once u understand what , it will make sense why. It’s way to much to type here. It’s as fascinating as it is gross, scary, U will learn soooo much about this fungal illness and how to manage / treat it.

  8. Maegan says:

    I have morgellons so bad. Its horrific. I have tonnnssss of gross pictures. Its been taking over my life. But i have found something tjay works . i would love to join the group. Im on fb under Meagan brower

    • Sharin says:

      Hi Megan. Please find Steve beddingfield face book group.
      Morgellons support science
      This is REAL SCIENCE GOING ON HERE. BIOLOGY. We r our own walk biospheres. Where and how we live has a lot to do with this. moldy homes.
      Weaker Immune systems get it first. That’s why some I’m sane family don’t get symptoms.

    • Sharin Bradshaw says:

      HOW R U DOING ? Look up for some reason I can’t text correctly. My cursor won’t go past or delete these last words > Bird or rat mites.

  9. Marcel Hall says:

    Have had exactly the same thing i have been using my google lense and ran across you guys this has been driving me crazy please help

  10. Stacy Groh says:

    If anyone has any idea of what pest we have, it could save mine, my dad’s, and my 3 cats lives..
    It is flat black tadpole looking thing that is in our stool.there are so many different stages, at night all our rugs start to have tiny black circle bugs coming out, some are bigger, with a tail. We have a super tiny salt like granule, that is shiny that is on our pillows, bedding, everywhere my cats lay, and I believe it starts the bug. Also on our walls, is a larger oval thing that leaves a wet looking residue and also an indent in our walls …. and hardwood floors, we have had 5 pest control come, no one can identify it. I know this sounds impossible, but it has different colors, some translucent white flat with a triangle shape tail..we are so exhausted mentally and physically, my dad is a war hero, 100 % disabled vet and said he’d go back to Vietnam if he could identify and finally be rid of tbis… I am soo worried we have had every stool sample, all negative, my cats vet 8 times, I lost 47 pounds , have wierd skin lesions, scabby dried ones come out my nose, and when I cough too. Same for my dad. My stool is full of larger oval ones. We clean all day, and then they just appear on our floors and walls again. I will email pics to ANYONE who could please help us. I have gone to the ER 3 times also, and 2 times they’ve sent me to a mental hospital for weeks at a time. So I can’t kill this without a diagnosis. My vet knows my cats are sick and that something is alive in my cats but has never seen anything like it….. I am desperate for answers, since we are all soo sick …..please help!!

    • Britt says:

      The wet spots they leave behind, do they sometimes look kinda like blood with spots in it? I’ve seen this too.

  11. Barbara says:

    This all sounds too familiar. Are we living a nightmare or is there actual hope for some scientist(s) to step up to the plate and finally acknowledge that this is real with emperical evidence to back it up? Been there, done that with 8 doctors and 3 ER/hospitals. If it’s not body mites or scabies they won’t treat it, much less acknowledge you. I even had one ER doc tell me that I should consult a pest control company, that perhaps they can help me. At first I thought she was kidding but I soon realized she was not. I then told her “what am I supposed to do? Have the pest control tech spray chemicals on my body and head?!” She them gave me a look like I was mentally ill or on drugs. Neither of which I am, suffice to say. With all the exams I received, I was never physically touched/examined nor were the specimens I brought in ever examined or analyzed. Sent pics to CDC, Dept of Agriculture, US Forestry, Dept of Interior, anyone and everyone. I was desperate at this point, being shunned and shut down for over a year of dealing with this infestation that grows worse in each passing moment. Finally I got a response from the least likely of places – a biologist and bug specialist from CalFire. She told me this is right up her alley as this is what she does for a living. She has compassion for me and is determined to find out what is happening with me and will see it through to the end with a full diagnosis. Apparently I am not the only one she reached out to. There are countless others up and down my state of California whom are also afflicted with the very same thing. Same symptoms, same type of bugs, etc. What started as a little incident a year and a half ago had now blown into a major infestation in my body. They are under my skin, my scalp, in my hair, my eyes, my ears, my sinuses, my stool, everywhere. It’s like they are obligate parasites. They burrow under the skin, create a cocoon, lay their eggs and become a host. Once the eggs hatch they consume the host’s body and burrow their way to the surface of your skin. Some have wings and will fly away while others will burrow back into you and start the process all over again. Thus the periods of activity and dormancy which wreck havoc on your body (physically) and your mind (mentally). There is one thing that they absolutely do not like – 100% pure essential oils. God put them there for us to use and use them I do. It seems to be the only thing that keeps them at bay and can actually kill them if you are diligent in their use. I also advise to shave your head and keep it shaven if you have them in your hair and scalp. It is the only way to get them under control. Showering everyday using a loofa on your skin and a scalp scrub for your scalp will greatly reduce their numbers and to help you rid yourself of these pesky pests. Also you must include a daily regimen of your home environment being dust free – air cleaners with hepa filters are great for this. Mind you, vacuuming up to 3x a day is involved as well as washing all your clothes in hot water with a sanitizer as opposed to bleach is imperative. All bedsheets, blankets, bedding, and towels should also be washed in hot water with bleach. All washed items should be dried on hot setting. Spraying floors, furniture, fixtures, carpets, and drapery with a bleach solution or lysol disinfectant spray will kill them on contact. If you have a sensitivity to bleach or phenols and cannot use these products, this is where the essential oils come in. Peppermint oil is a disinfectant and a cooling agent (they don’t like the cold). Tea tree oil is an anti-fungal and a anti-microbial. Clove oil and cinnamon oil are potent eugenols, with clove being the most potent. Even more so that bulbs of the chrysanthemum flower. Eugenols kill by penetrating the exoskeleton and extract all the moisture from their bodies rendering them dead by dehydration. Cinnamon does the same to lesser effect but it also burns them. You may need to experiment with the different strengths and combinations to find the best formula that works for you. 100% pure essential oils must always be diluted and never applied or ingested full strength. There are also different formulations for topical and ingestion applications. Be sure to consult an herbologist or essential oil specialist before experimenting or using these oils. Usually the place such as a health food store or essential oil dispensary has a specialist on the premises to consult. They may even have a book in the shop in which you can look up different oils, their uses, and the proper ratios in which to use them combined with other oils, water,etc. If these options are not available to you, do your research on the internet. There is a lot of valuable info in oil uses and you will find that some manufacturers such as DoTerra will actually give you a free consult and are more then willing to help you find the right solution that works for you. At any rate, DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT TREAT YOURSELF,PETS,YOUR HOUSE, OR ANYTHING WITHOUT FIRST CONSULTING WITH AN EXPERT AND ESSENTIAL OIL DICTIONARY!! You can seriously hurt yourself and others if you don’t know what you are doing, are unsure of the applications, or just need clarification. I still consult with a expert everyone and then. Better safe then sorry. Heed the warning labels on use, ask questions, ask questions, ask question. Knowledge is power in this case. There are a lot of good shampoos, conditioners, soaps, and body washes with these oils in them. Again, compare and consult. Do your homework. You will be far better off and can eradicate symptoms and critters in far less time if you do so. Dilligence is the key.

  12. Amber says:

    Are these dust-bunnies a real living entitie? Are they what is plauggeing my cat ? I almost lost her twice 2 weeks ago from breathing problems, the vet said she. has/had a lung infection.she stopped breathing twice on means make noises when she breaths when ?sleeps

  13. mike says:

    I have this also itching to death I have demodex bad and my bed keeps getting these tiny black things I use a scope and its always a black balled up piece of string or so it seems

  14. Michael P Cincinnati says:

    Oh I forgot to add I have tons of photos .I also have these sores with a white tiny thread like thing that curls around in circles.They say have no sugar that is impossible for me I eat nothing but sugar.I had ivermectin and alb4ndaloze no luck

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