Subject: pool bug
Location: perth, Australia (Ed. Note:  We needed clarification on the location.)
August 19, 2016 3:57 am
I found heaps of these bugs walking amongst the leaves in the bottom of my pool. They were alive and well and did not seem to be phased being in or out of the water
Signature: djr

Dragonfly Naiad

Dragonfly Naiad

Dear djr,
This is the aquatic larval form of a Dragonfly, known as a naiad.  Is your location Perth in Australia or Canada?

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Location: Perth, Australia

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  1. Denver Fuoco says:

    The larvae are voracious predators, eating most living things that are smaller than they are. Their staple diet is mostly bloodworms and other insect larvae, but they also feed on tadpoles and small fish.

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