Subject: Mysterious “swimming bug”
Location: Salina Turda in Romania
July 31, 2016 2:31 am
Could you help us with the identification of this one?
During the holidays in Romania (salt mines called Salina Turda) we found a strange worm in one of the outdoors swimming pools. It was floating on the surface and at first we thought it’s a piece of plant, but then we noticed it was “shaking”. There was about 8-10% salinity in the water, so we took the bug outside, worried that it may be in pain. Later we put it into the wet mud, near the salty pools and normal river, so it could return to salt waters if it in fact was its natural enviroment.

Some facts about the worm:
– It wasn’t longer than five cm. No legs, no visible eyes nor mouth, only small bump and long stick from the other side.
– Its “skin” was really soft in touch, but on the sides of the body it had sharp ridges and small spikes.
– It was moving in a really strange way, using this long stick (tail?) to push itself. He was suprisingly fast outside of the water. When bothered, it was freezing with it’s tail holded upright.
– More about the tail, it has few tiny hair on the end.

Some more facts:
– It was the middle of July (18th).
– Except of those salt pools, there was plenty of normal water.
– People around didn’t recognize the species.

Can you help us? We wish we could knew what it was.
Signature: Tourists

Probably Horse Fly Larva

Probably Horse Fly Larva

Dear Tourists,
This is definitely Dipteran, and we believe it might be a Horse Fly Larva.

Location: Salina Turda, Romania

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