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Subject: New Insect?
Location: Lima, Perú
August 10, 2016 1:10 pm
Hi I’m Luis Calle from Perú. I just came to Lima and before entering to my house I saw this little insect. I don’t know if it flies. Should I catch it? I have never seen this one before. I think it has 6 legs and 2 of them are in the front. It’s 2cm long , maybe 3cm. I forgot to mention that it has a sting like a scorpion, pointing to its body. Contact me if is needed.
Signature: Luis C.

Possibly Crambid Snout Moth

Possibly Crambid Snout Moth

Dear Luis,
First we need to state that identifying insects from countries that do not have extensive web databases of creatures can be very difficult, and Peru is one such country.  Our first thought upon viewing the dorsal view you provided was that this might be a Fly in the order Diptera (only two wings visible in the image), possibly a Stilt Legged Fly in the family Neriidae, but once we opened the lateral view (thanks so much for including these two valuable views) we realized we were looking at a moth in the order Lepidoptera.  Our search for similar looking moths led us to BugGuide where we found the Eggplant Leafroller Moth, and though BugGuide indicates its range is “southern United States (Florida to California), south to Chile; …” we are quite confident your images represent a different species, but there is enough visual similarity for us to surmise they may be in the same family, the Crambid Snout Moth family Crambidae.  We tried briefly searching that possibility to no avail, including scanning Insetologia from nearby Brazil.  This Jade Scorpion Moth from Peru on Learn About Butterflies has a similar posture, but it is obviously a different species, and it is identified as being in the family Pyralidae, which is taxonomically included with the family Crambidae in the superfamily Pyraloidea.  Our time right now is running short, so we are posting your images and tagging it as unidentified, but classifying it as a Snout Moth, and perhaps one of our readers will write in with some suggestions.

Possibly Crambid Snout Moth

Possibly Crambid Snout Moth

Hi Daniel,
I have posted the moth i found on 4chan. It has some images that may help you.
Link: http://boards.4chan.org/an/thread/2187282/new-insect


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What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
Location: Lima, Peru

2 Responses to Possibly Crambid Snout Moth from Peru

  1. Jorge says:

    Hola, tengo vistos varias especies de este tipo de polilla en forma de trípode en Trujillo, el de la foto y alguna otra de 1 cm.
    Yo también estoy buscando saber que tipo de mariposa es y la especie.
    Visitar mi instagram @entomologiaperu. Gracias

  2. Jorge says:

    Después de ver los parecidos con las familias expuestas en el comentario anterior, creo que la foto se refiere a una familia en la que los géneros tienen una forma parecida, en trípode, así como sucede con las familias de polillas pluma, donde todos sus géneros son parecidos y claramente distinguibles, de todas formas me queda el recurso de un experto en lepidopteros peruano que seguro sabrá cual es.
    Existe un comentario sobre él en mi instagram @entomologiaperu acerca de otra foto de mariposa.

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