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Subject: Scorpion fly female?
Location: South central Virginia
August 2, 2016 6:35 pm
Hi, I took a photo of this pretty insect and was trying to identify it. I think it might be a scorpion fly female. I’m in south central Virginia. Thank you!
Signature: Nina Eagle

Spotted-Winged Antlion

Spotted-Winged Antlion

Dear Nina,
This is not a Scorpionfly, but we do acknowledge some visual similarities between Scorpionflies and this Spotted-Winged Antlion,
Dendroleon obsoletus, which we identified on BugGuide where they are described as”Large, with black circular spots on wings–distinctive in much of range. Antennae slightly clubbed, with pointed tips, often (or always?) pinkish in the middle (based on photos in the guide).”  The pink in the antennae is especially prominent in your lovely image.  Antlions are classified along with Lacewings, Mantispids and Owlflies in the order Neuroptera, the Net Winged Insects.  Discover Life indicates the common name for the order as “‘nerve-wings’ or ‘nerve-winged insects'”, the name we have always preferred.  P.S.  If you click on the thumbnails in our links, you will get a new window with an enlarged image.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
Location: virginia

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