Subject: Help
Location: Ireland
July 16, 2016 12:24 pm
Hi,I’ve seen only one of these guys before. It’s maybe 1-2 inches long,as thick as a pen and the rest is in the picture. Would love to know what it is!! I thought it liked a bit like a fat mayfly
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Wood Wasp

Wood Wasp

This is a Wood Wasp or Horntail, Urocerus gigas, and according to the Irish site  “Wood wasps, also called horntails, are pretty scary insects. They’re large, they’re fast and noisy fliers, they come in yellow and black warning colours and they have what looks like a ferocious stinger on their rear ends. But, although they’re doing their best to frighten you off, they’re completely harmless. ”  According to GeoGraph:  ” It does not sting; the feature which gives rise to its common name is an ovipositor, used to lay eggs in coniferous wood.”

Location: Ireland

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  1. Emma says:

    *Shudder* I’d still stay away from it!! Thanks for clearing that up for us

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