Subject: What on earth?
Location: Atlantic county NJ
July 15, 2016 6:37 am
Hello, I saw this and thought it was some dirt or something until I saw it crawling. Then I saw it’s little legs and pincers. I live in egg harbor Township in southern new Jersey about 10 minutes away from the ocean. It’s mid July and morning time. I tried to blow it off of my daughters bowl but it had quite a grip! So I knocked it off with a strawberry runner lol.
What on earth is it??
Thanks for your awesome website, I’ve been a fan for years!
Signature: Sonja E. Keiser

Camouflaged Lacewing Larva

Camouflaged Lacewing Larva

Dear Sonja,
This is a camouflaged Lacewing Larva.  According to BugGuide:  “It seems that the trash carried by these larvae confers some protection against predatory lady beetles.”

Location: Atlantic City, New Jersey

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  1. Chyma says:

    I have a pest that looks like a cigarette ash…it jumps and bites like a flea,it lays eggs and feces. It has literally plagued us. Please help!

    • Winona Jane says:

      Chyma!!!!!!!! I know!!! I suspect the wisping cigarette ash to be of fungal or parasitic in its making. Mind over matter & treat the gut environment, the skin & your emvironment. I’m doing this daily, & it takes hours. Launder articles after each use!

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