Subject: What bug is this?
Location: Mount Pleasant, NC
July 11, 2016 6:47 am
I was in my home and sat back in a chair when this little guy bit/stung me.
Signature: Kathrine E Morales

Masked Hunter Unmasked

Masked Hunter Unmasked

Dear Kathrine,
This is a Masked Hunter, a species of Assassin Bug that has a sticky exoskeleton that causes dust and debris to adhere to the insect, creating an effective camouflage by masking it to match its surroundings.  Your individual is probably freshly molted and it still needs to be “masked” and here is a matching image from our archives of an unmasked Masked Hunter.  Though reportedly painful, the bite is not serious.  Masked Hunters are predators that will help eliminate many unwanted Household Pests.

Location: Mount Pleasant, North Carolina

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