Subject: What is the exactly
Location: Pretoria south africa
July 3, 2016 3:36 am
Found this caterpillar on the bricks by my house. If I’m not mistaken some kind of lappet moth
Signature: Peter

Lappet Moth Caterpillar

Lappet Moth Caterpillar

Dear Peter,
We agree that this is a Lappet Moth Caterpillar in the family Lasiocampidae, and there is a matching image on iSpot, but it is only identified to the family level.  It appears like it might be the same species or a closely related species to this Indian Lappet Moth Caterpillar.

Location: Pretoria, South Africa

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  1. Juanita Orpen says:

    Now we know what we saw on our garden gate! Can you tell me what the moth looks like and perhaps what the caterpillar feeds on?

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