Subject: Unidentified firefly species
Location: Central Massachusetts
June 29, 2016 9:00 am
I’ve never seen a firefly like this one before. It’s small, about 1 centimeter long, and was attracted to my porchlight. It’s capable of lighting up a deep green color, but reluctant to do so and the flash isn’t very bright. I couldn’t find a match on bugguide.
Signature: Sam



Dear Sam,
Alas, though we are not able to identify your Firefly past the family level, we will post your three wonderful images and perhaps one of our readers more skilled at identifying Lampyridae than we are will be able to provide more conclusive information.



Update:  Thanks to a comment from Gene St. Denis, we are linking to the genus Photinus on BugGuide.



Location: Massachusetts

8 Responses to Unidentified Firefly: Photinus species

  1. Gene St. Denis says:

    Sam , I believe that you have fine example of Lampyridae podabrus or there abouts. The pronotum markings are close . Cheers ! Gene St. Denis Sierra Neveada Research

  2. Gene St. Denis says:

    Daniel , sorry my mistake I was in a hurry this morning and I copied the wrong page data . Lampyridae photinus is what meant to put down . Lampyridae photinus and Photinus ardens are similar to the specimen photos. I had been looking at soldier beetles on another problem , that is still unresolved . Thanks ! Geno

  3. Sam says:

    I thought it might be Photinus, or at least a member of the Photinini. I’ve just never seen this particular species. I haven’t noticed Photinus to be attracted to lights before, either.
    My firefly seems to lack red markings on the pronoun of P. ardens.

  4. Gene St. Denis says:

    Sam, we always have some variance in markings and colors .It is what we think or something else close . Sometimes the lack of certain minerals in their diet will remove bright colors or make them dull/ drab . We need an identical specimen for positive ID . However, we are in the ball park. Cheers ! Gene St. Denis SNR

  5. Gene St. Denis says:

    Sam and Daniel, Upon further review I am leaning toward – Photinus obscurellus LeConte it has the subdued look and dark spot on the Pronotum that also resembles your little Beauty . Gene St. Denis Sierra Nevada Research

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