Subject: Lovely beast!
Location: South central Wisconsin
June 28, 2016 7:03 pm
Pretty sure this is a stag beetle of some sort. Saw him last night and left him alone. Tonight, my wife and I heard some scratching noises near our downspout and assumed it was the usual suspects…ground squirrels. I went to investigate and it was this lumbering bugger making all the noise. I’m forty-three and have never had so much interest in bugs and birds. This one is a treat. He looks so menacing but seemed quite peaceful. Seemingly a large one based on what I found was the average size. Removed him from our fenced yard so the dogs don’t bother him. To live another day. Thank you for a great website. My first submission, I find this website often when I’m trying to indentify something. Thank you.
Signature: Kid43

Brownish Red Stag Beetle

Reddish-Brown Stag Beetle

Dear Kid43,
This is a male Reddish-Brown Stag Beetle,
Lucanus capreolus, and it is our first Stag Beetle posting this year.  Thanks for the compliment.

Location: Wisconsin

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  1. paul reynolds says:

    Just found one at my door in New Jersey pennsauken

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