Subject: New bug
Location: Vienna, Va
June 20, 2016 8:21 pm
Hello, yesterday I was walking in the park with my 4 years old daughter, suddenly she said: mommy look it is a fairy , and the weirdest insect step on my hand, it is so difficult to describe. A white fly maybe with feathers.
Please help me figure it out what type of insect is this.
Signature: Sarah A

Woolly Aphid

Woolly Aphid

Dear Sarah A,
This is a Woolly Aphid in the subfamily Eriosomatinae, and according to BugGuide:  “Nearly all members of this subfamily alternate between host plants, generally with a woody primary host (on which overwintering eggs are laid, and on which some species induce galls) and an herbaceous secondary host.”  Aphids are among the insects that do the greatest damage to crop plant and ornamental plants, and they are the bane of many a home gardener.  Comparing the appearance of a Woolly Aphid to a fairy or an angel is quite common.

Location: Vienna, Virginia

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