Subject: Flying stinger bug
Location: Fort Worth, TX
May 29, 2016 8:15 pm
This flying insects just painfully bit my husband. No itching or welt left behind. We are in North Texas in early Summer.
Signature: B.Mann

Stinging Ichneumon

Stinging Ichneumon

Dear B. Mann,
This is a Short Tailed Ichneumon in the genus
Ophion, and we believe these are the insects that folks write about when they claim to have been stung by a Crane Fly.  According to BugGuide:  “Most all Ophion larva are parasites of caterpillars.”  Your submission will not post live to our site until mid-June during our annual absence from the office.

Location: Fort Worth, Texas

7 Responses to Stinging Ichneumon

  1. Jeremy Gant says:

    I agree. This bug has bit me a few times when I lived in Nacogdoches. The are out at the same time as crane flies but their tail looks different and the are distinctively more orange.

  2. Tim surmeier says:

    I have been stung repeatedly by what appears to be a very large crane fly a lot of times it bites me on my face at night time it can land on me without hardly feeling it except for a slight flutter and the next day I have a welt with the white Mark in the middle and a large red welt that area I think it is trying to lay eggs in my skin but the lesion is very painful as it begins to swell and it takes a long time for it to go away and I have no idea what’s been injected into my body but I do get aches and pains and all kinds of other issues this is been happening to me in one particular house about every month or two and it’s driving me crazy

    • Anne says:

      Can you please describe more about what the area looked like after the sting? Was there any red dots? Or white dots around? Was it numb? What happened later and how long does it take to completely disappear? Is there anything I can do immediately after the sting to make sure it didn’t leave anything under my skin? It happened at night, I only noticed this in the morning too

  3. Norman Small says:

    I have just been stung by something that looks like a crane fly. It came in through an open window this evening and I picked it up by its wings. As I was putting it outside again its head turned round and it stung me. It was like a hot poker. Still sting now some 15 minutes after the event.

  4. Katherine says:

    I appreciate this site! While rescuing a ‘crane fly’ from the house I was stung/bit by it. Pretty painful. I noticed it looked a little different and began researching. So glad to find this site!
    Fort Worth, TX, 3/15/21.

  5. Eyvette Savoie says:

    I just got stung by one of these critters…..twice. We did some Google searching and found this site. If anybody is going to get stung, it’s me……

  6. Anne says:

    Can someone please tell me what to do if there’s a possibility of it laying eggs in the skin? Are there any immediate signs? And how to get rid of it ASAP? I woke up with a swollen numb lip and 2 or 3 red dots on it. And something like a crane bug but with a larger black body was flying around for a few days before, I noticed it has a stinger today

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