Subject: Upstate NY alien bug
Location: Jeffersonville, NY
June 3, 2016 5:23 am
Hello. While visiting Jeffersonville, NY a friend and I found a ton of these bugs mating on a dock of a small Lake. We cannot seem to find this listed anywhere. Thoughts?
Signature: Jay Pellegrino

Dragonfly Exuviae

Dragonfly Exuviae

Dear Jay,
These are not mating insects.  These are the Exuviae or cast off exoskeletons of Dragonfly Naiads.  Immature Dragonflies, called Naiads, are aquatic, and as they near maturity, they crawl out of the water, generally seeking a vertical feature like a log jutting out of the water or reeds growing out of the water, or in your case, the dock, and there they molt for the final time, emerging as winged adult Dragonflies.  We suspect that a second Naiad used the Exuvia of another Naiad that exited the water earlier, and attached to it for support.

Wow thank you for replying!! We learned something today ?☺️

Location: Jeffersonville, New York

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